Be Filled with the Spirit

Film Credits

Director: Mark Rogovin
Camera and Editor: Sharon Karp

RT. 8 min, 46 sec.

Milton Rogovin interview by Harvey Wang. Photographs from the Rogovin Collection at the Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona Foundation.

Music used by permission: Courtesy Smithsonian Folkways Recordings © 1957

"Be Filled with the Spirit, Storefront Churches," © 2011 The Rogovin Collection

Be Filled With the Spirit, Storefront Churches

Be Filled With the Spirit is a dynamic look into the traditions of the black storefront churches as photographed by noted social documentary photographer, Milton Rogovin.

Encouraged by renowned African-American sociologist Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois, Rogovin photographed the storefront churches of Buffalo, New York for three years. The images are filled with the movement and expression of worship. With music and preaching recorded at the services, the energy of Rogovin's photographs come to life.

Featuring interviews with Alton B. Pollard III, Dean of Howard University School of Divinity and Milton Rogovin, this film will draw you into the storefront churches and leave you wanting more.

Milton Rogovin is a social documentary photographer who focused his lens on the poor and working people in ten nations. Rogovin is best known for his dignified images of everyday people at work and at home, and families he revisited over 30 years.