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The master collection of 3,500 Milton Rogovin photographs can now ALL be seen online! This archive is at the Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona, Tucson.

Visit the Center for Creative Photography Archive now!

Curators, students and scholars from around the world will be able to view many of the world's great photography, including that of Milton Rogovin.

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The NY Times Lens Blog features Milton with numerous photographs from his various series, upcoming celebrations, new publications, the new Picture Man: The Poetry of Photographer Milton Rogovin film, his website and more. Published August 9, 2009.

About this Site

This web site is put together by the family of Anne and Milton Rogovin. The site's primary function is to show the depth of the photography of our father and to pursue educational projects based on the photography. Besides these images being shown in museums and galleries, Milton and Anne expressed a strong desire that these photographs "help to feed and strengthen" the communities where the images were taken.

 Educational Guides and Folios

Complete Teacher's Guide (23 pages, Approx. 1.5 MB each.)
Available in English and Spanish. Click covers to begin PDF downloads:

English Teacher Guide Spanish Teacher Guide

Teacher's Guide Downloads (Sections)

Teacher's Guide Cover (1 page, 111KB)

Teacher's Guide Cover (Spanish) (1 page, 109KB)

Folio Index (1 page, 272KB)

Introduction (3 pages, 259KB)

Introduction (Spanish) (3 pages, 256KB)

Methods for Teaching With Photographs
English, (4 pages, 520KB)

Methods for Teaching With Photographs
Spanish/En Español, (4 pages, 520KB)

Class Project Guide for Four Courses (9 pages, 476KB)

Teacher Responses (1 page, 16KB)

Release Form/Permission Slip (1 page, 20KB)

Teaching Resources (5 pages, 40KB)

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 Folio Downloads

Appalachia series folio (24 pages, 27 photographs, 2.2 MB)

Chile series folio (24 pages, 24 photographs, 2.1 MB)

Family of Miners series folio (24 pages, 29 photographs 1.7MB)

Lower West Side Singles series folio (24 pages, 24 photographs 1.9 MB)

Lower West Side Triptychs and Quartets series folio (19 pages, 19 photographs 1.2MB)

Native American series folio (24 pages, 24 photographs, 2.2MB)

Storefront Churches series folio (24 pages, 26 photographs 2.1MB)

Working People series folio (18 pages, 31 photographs 1.1MB)

Yemeni series folio (23 pages, 24 photographs 2.1MB)

Traveling Exhibit, Syracuse Cultural Workers folio (36 pages, 50 photographs 2.5MB)

Women at Work folio (24 pages, 31 photographs 2.2MB)

The Young, The Elderly folio (23 pages, 25 photographs 1.9MB)

Portraits folio (24 pages, 24 photographs 1.6 MB)

Families folio (23 pages, 23 photographs, 2 MB)

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 Additional Folio Resources

Lower West SideNative AmericanStorefront ChurchesYemeni

Lower West Side

Hope For Queen City: Immigration and Neighborhood Development in the West Side of Buffalo This 2009 thesis has a focus on the history of Buffalo's Lower West Side and makes use of a few of Milton's photographs. © 2009 Maggie Best, Fordham University, Urban Studies Thesis
Click to download PDF (46 pages, 4.7MB) »

Lower West Side history was written by JoAnn Wypijewski, published in the book Triptychs, Buffalo's Lower West Side Revisited, 1994.
Click to download PDF (23 pages, 104KB) »

Native American

Unseen Tears: The Impact of Native American Boarding School Experiences in Western New York, DVD, Run Time 29:40

DVD's are available through Native American Community Services 1005 Grant Street Buffalo, NY 14207 (716) 874-4460 or visit: www.nacswny.org

Native American families in Western New York continue to feel the impact of the Thomas Indian School and the Mohawk Institute. Survivors speak of traumatic separation from their families, abuse, and a systematic assault on their language and culture. Western New York Native American communities are presently attempting to heal the wounds and break the cycle inter-generational trauma resulting from the boarding school experience. Unseen Tears documents testimonies of boarding school survivors, their families, and social service providers. See the film online »

The New York State Archives: A good resource for material on the Seneca Nation with a number of Thomas Indian School Records available for further reading as well as Thomas Indian School Photos online.

Storefront Churches

Urban Holiness Service: Elder Charles D. Beck, issued by Folkways Records, 1959, FR 8901. Milton Rogovin was asked by the music historian William Tallmadge to take the photographs for the cover and liner notes for the new 78. Those photographs launched Rogovin's Storefront Churches series. Folkways Records is now a part of the Smithsonian Institution. DVDs can be ordered thru the Smithsonian at: http://www.folkways.si.edu/customer_service/ordering_info.aspx

Articles of Faith, Color photographs of Holiness Churches in Chicago by photographer Dave Jordano. Also see the book by the same name, published by Center for American Places, Columbia College Chicago.

Storefront Churches series had its first article in published in 1962 in Aperture magazine with an introduction by the eminent sciologist W.E.B. DuBois. This is a 1 page reproduction of the article, see below for complete Aperture layout with article and photographs.
Click to download PDF (1 page, 16KB) »

Storefront Churches (orginal article with photographs) The original Storefront Churches article in its entirety, Aperture magazine, 1962, with introduction by W.E.B. Dubois. Includes 40 photos in original layout.
Click to download PDF (13 pages, 2.3MB) »


Yemeni series curriculum developed by the Arab American National Museum, during Milton's exhibition of his Yemeni photographs.
Click for weblink to curriculum »

Click here to download the Docent Tip-sheet for the Yemeni folio (4 pages, 200kb) »

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