3 Things You Can Do

  1. Use one of the letter templates below and write/email/call your local PBS Station to request Milton's films!

  2. Send your family and friends an email to tell them about the film and ask them to contact their local public television stations to air the film in their city/town.

  3. Tell us about your actions so that we can thank you and publish results!

Letter Templates

Two Word docs are available here for you to use as templates:

Download: PBS Appeal Letter Template

Download: Friend/Family Appeal Letter Template

Even if you can't watch the film yet, you can still write to your local PBS station to request it. After you download your PBS appeal letter, click here to find the contact info for your local PBS station.

Help Bring Milton's Films to PBS!

On December 27th, 2009, WNED in Buffalo aired, for the first time ever on television, “The Rich Have Their Own Photographers,” a film by Ezra Bookstein about the life and work of Milton Rogovin.

Milton, who turned 100 years old this December 2009, had to wait 3 years to see his film on TV! We think its time for this documentary be aired on public television stations across the country. Won't you help us make Milton's wish come true?

Our goal with this grassroots email campaign is to generate viewer support across the US to have the film aired on other public television stations. Draft a Letter to your Public TV station today!

The Picture Man poster

Tell us about your action!

If you plan to take action, please let us know.

The information submitted via this form will be used to track the effectiveness of our campaign and announce results.

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