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SI NO FUERA POR LA LLUVIA: Milton Rogovin in Chile

by Carlos Trujillo, poet and professor at University of Villanova


This 290 page book is based on the over 50 letters and other communications that were the basis for the thirty day photographing by Milton Rogovin on the island of Chiloé, Chile. The project was done in collaboration with Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Included are 22 photographs, most never before seen. The writing by Trujillo traces Rogovin's day by day series. Photographs were selected from Rogovin's contact sheets and negatives housed at the Library of Congress.

Published by Editorial Okeldan, Chile 2013. Book in Spanish. Not available in the U.S.

Nada queda atras: Milton Rogovin, Fotografias, Carlos Trujillo, Poemas

photographs by Milton Rogovin, poems by Carlos Trujillo


This 191 page book has 40 Rogovin photographs selected by poet and Professor Carlos Trujillo. He then wrote poems relating to each photograph. This book has more of Rogovin's 1967 Chile series then in any other publication. Photographs came from the Rogovin Archive of the Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona Archive.

Publisher, Ediciones Museo de Arte Moderno Chiloé, 2004. Book in Spanish. Not available in the U.S.

Be Filled With the Spirit, Storefront Churches

Be Filled with the Spirit

Be Filled With the Spirit is a dynamic look into the traditions of the black storefront churches as photographed by noted social documentary photographer, Milton Rogovin. Directed by Mark Rogovin.

Watch the trailer and read more about the documentary about Milton's first photographic series, Storefront Churches!

Windows that Open Inward, Images of Chile

Poetry by Pablo Neruda and Photography by Milton Rogovin

Windows that Open Inward

"...a stunning collaboration of visions: the vision of a great photographer and the vision of a great poet ... Windows that Open Inward is a beautiful book that can be read and enjoyed many times. It is a pleasure to hold in one's hands." -- Stephen White, The Bloomsbury Review

Purchase this limited edition, signed and collectible book now!

Milton Rogovin, Social Documentary Photographer

BUFFALO NEWS, by Colin Dabkowski
Dec. 29th, 2011

"The year began sadly when, on January 18, legendary documentary photographer Milton Rogovin died at age 101. His passing was noted across the country, as fans of Rogovin's unflinching portraits of working-class people around the world remembered the photographer's skill, his passion and his unwavering dedication to the less fortunate members of society."

Social documentary photographer Milton Rogovin has been likened to the great social documentary photographers of the 19th and 20th Centuries, Lewis Hine and Jacob Riis. Milton, who lived to be 101 years old, dedicated his lifetime to creating photographs that speak of the humanity of working people, the poor and the forgotten ones. Milton's photographs are a part of the documentary photography collections of the Library of Congress, the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Center for Creative Photography and other distinguished institutions around the world.

The Rich Have Their Own Photographers

In 1957, Milton Rogovin was declared “The Top Communist in Buffalo”. In reality, he was an optometrist actively registering Black voters. Refusing to be silenced, he found a new political voice - a camera. He began documenting Buffalo’s poorest and working classes, and eventually, the world’s. Collaborating with Pablo Neruda and others at the forefront of justice movements, documenting those he considers, “the Forgotten Ones”. Through his photographs, Rogovin depicts the extreme inequalities that exist and conveys that message through beautiful works of art. For Rogovin, his prints are his protests; his only concern is the fight for social justice.

DVD, 60 min., Ezra Bookstein filmmaker, Telling Image Films

On December 27th, 2009, this film was aired for the first time on television on WNED Buffalo/Toronto. This powerful documentary should be shown across the nation! Please join the campaign to bring Milton's film to your PBS station.

Click here to take action and to support this grass roots effort!

A Blacklisted Photographer who Took to the Streets, Weekend Edition Saturday - NPR, January 22, 2011

A special feature on Milton in the New York Times, LENS blog

"Acclaimed documentary photographer Milton Rogovin celebrates his 101st birthday with friends and family at his Buffalo home...", The Buffalo News, December 31, 2011.

Rangefinder Article

Click to download article.

The People V. the Optometrist, by Arthur Bleich, Rangefinder Magazine for Professional Photographers, January 2010

The NY Times Lens Blog features Milton with numerous photographs from his various series, upcoming celebrations, new publications, the new Picture Man: The Poetry of Photographer Milton Rogovin film, his website and more. Published August 9, 2009.

Read more about Milton's current exhibitions and awards »

Accolades for film, "Picture Man"

We are very pleased to announce the film "Picture Man the Poetry of Photographer Milton Rogovin" has won 1st prize for short documentaries in the Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival.

Congratulations to the star of the show, Milton Rogovin, and the film's crew: Sharon Karp (Director/Editor), Jerri Zbiral (Production Managerl, Mark Rogovin (Producer), Isadore Bleckman (Cinematography), and Sheera Bleckman (Assistant Editor).

The festival is presented by the PROGRESS Arts Group Inc., a non-profit charitable arts and education organization whose mission is to educate and create opportunities through the arts - worldwide.

About this Site

This web site is put together by the family of Anne and Milton Rogovin. The site's primary function is to show the depth of the photography of our father and to pursue educational projects based on the photography. Besides these images being shown in museums and galleries, Milton and Anne expressed a strong desire that these photographs "help to feed and strengthen" the communities where the images were taken.

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