Mark Rogovin: Live from the Heartland

Mark Rogovin visits the Hearland to talk about the photography of his late father Milton Rogovin, and about his recent book A Day Will Come. Published by the Illinois Labor History Society.

The Heartland Cafe is a community based restaurant, bar, and shop dedicated to bringing "Good wholesome food for the mind and body".

Special Announcement

The master collection of 3,500 Milton Rogovin photographs can now ALL be seen online! This archive is at the Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona, Tucson.

Visit the Center for Creative Photography Archive now!

Curators, students and scholars from around the world will be able to view many of the world's great photography, including that of Milton Rogovin.

Series Dates

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Last updated 4.20.09

Recent Publicity

The NY Times Lens Blog features Milton with numerous photographs from his various series, upcoming celebrations, new publications, the new Picture Man: The Poetry of Photographer Milton Rogovin film, his website and more. Published August 9, 2009.

Overview: Photographs and Photo Series

Each photo series includes information about the series and links to more information, folio downloads and publications available for purchase.

Early Mexico, 1953-61

Milton and Anne Rogovin began visiting Mexico in the early 1950s. Milton photographed in Campeche, Chiapas, Oaxaca, and the Yucatan...

View this photo series: Early Mexico

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Storefront Churches, 1958-1961

"I began my Storefront Churches series as a way of speaking out about problems in our society, through photography..."

View this photo series: Storefront Churches

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East Side, 1961-1963

(Milton) began to photograph homes and residents in the East Side of Buffalo, New York...

View this photo series: East Side

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Native Americans, 1963-2002

This series includes Native Americans in Canada and in the Buffalo, New York area. This included the Iroquois on Cattaraugus, Tonawanda and Tuscarora reservations.

View this photo series: Native Americans

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Chile, 1967

"In 1967 I wrote to the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda asking if I could collaborate with him on a series in Chile..."

View this photo series: Chile

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Appalachia, 1962-1987

"Mainly I concentrated on the families who lived in the mining areas. I photographed them in their homes and on their porches, where they sat to get some relief from the stifling heat..."

View this photo series: Appalachia

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Yemeni, 1977-1979

While photographing in Lackawanna NY steel mills, Milton saw a woman wearing a long shawl and head covering and asked if he could photograph her...

Further Reading: The Arab American National Museum, A Yemeni Community, Photographs from the 1970's by Milton Rogovin, curriculum developed by the AANM.

View this photo series: Yemeni

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Working People, 1976-1987

"In 1975 I closed my optometric office in order to do a photo series in the steel mills of the Buffalo area..."

View this photo series: Working People

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Family of Miners, 1981-1990

This series portrays miners in ten nations - from the Appalachian region of the United States to Asia, Europe and Africa.

View this photo series: Family of Miners

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Lower West Side, 1972-77

In 1972, a patient from Milton Rogovin's optometric office invited him to visit her home, just a few blocks from his office. Milton was captivated by the home and community...

View this photo series: Lower West Side

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Lower West Side Revisited, 1984-1986

"About ten years after I had completed the series on the Lower West Side Anne suggested I go back and see what had happened to the people..."

View this photo series: Lower West Side Revisited

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Lower West Side Triptychs, 1972-94

"...I again returned to the Lower West Side (for the third time in two decades) to complete a series of Triptychs which are unique in the history of social documentary history."

View this photo series: Lower West Side Triptychs

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Lower West Side Quartets, 1972-2002

In 1998, David Isay, a MacArthur Fellow from Sound Portraits, saw the Triptychs book that had been sent to him by Milton Rogovin. Isay was captivated by the book and asked Milton and Anne if his organization could collaborate on a project...

View this photo series: Lower West Side Quartets

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