Photo Series: Chile, 1967

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Chile, 1967 [photo ID: Chile_004]

About This Series

"In 1967 I wrote to the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda asking if I could collaborate with him on a series in Chile. Neruda invited me to Chile where I spent a month photographing people as well as their surroundings. Neruda wrote a very beautiful introduction for my Chilean series." – Milton Rogovin

The resulting book was entitled, Windows That Open Inward: Images of Chile.

The cities Milton photographed in Southern Chile include Puerto Montt, Castro, Quimchi and on Isla Negra. Photos at Neruda's home include both interior and exterior scenes, a collection of bottles with miniature ships inside, Neruda's writing desk, carved signatures of writers on living room ceiling beams, and a large mermaid from the bow of an old ship. Other images from Milton's one month in Chile include, one of Milton Rogovin's most renowned photographs, "Mother and Child (Chile_088)", a woman spinning wool, a shoe maker, a bar maid, a butcher, an accordion player, a fishermen, a rocking horse below Chilean flag, garlic on a table, and three generations of one family.

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  • The Bonds Between Us: Family Portraits From Around The World, White Pine Press, 2001
  • Milton Rogovin: The Forgotten Ones, University of Washington Press, 1985; Quantuck Lane Press, 2003
  • Milton Rogovin: The Making of a Social Documentary Photographer, University of Washington Press and the Center for Creative Photography, September 30, 2006

Available through Syracuse Cultural Workers (SCW), "a peace and justice publisher" founded in 1982.

  • Windows That Open Inward: Images of Chile, Poems by Pablo Neruda, Photographs by Milton Rogovin, White Pine Press, 1999
  • Nada Quede Atras (Nothing Left Behind), Museo de Arte Moderno Chiloe, poetry by Carlos Trujillo, photographs by Milton Rogovin, 2007 (out of print)

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Chile, 1967 [photo ID: Chile_004]
Chile, 1967 [photo ID: Chile_006]
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Chile, 1967 [photo ID: Chile_088]
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