Inspired by Milton's Photographs

For over 40 years poets have been inspired by Milton's work and have collaborated with him on books and publications. A selection of works by the following poets are available online:

Poetry by Milton

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New Releases

The Lens & The Pen: Photographs and Poems

The Lens and the Pen
A collection of thirty poems, selected by Milton and his family and published for the first time with the photographs that inspired each poem.

Included is Milton's favorite photo and poem, Theme Boy, the image of which comes from his Appalachia series. Published by Palisade Press.

About Milton's Poetry

In 1998, at the encouragement of his wife Anne, Milton Rogovin wrote seventy poems, each relating to a single photograph or a set of photographs taken by Rogovin. In 2009 a new film and book were made to highlight Milton’s poetry:

Picture Man: the Poetry of Photographer Milton Rogovin

film still
Film still from "Picture Man: The Poetry of Photographer Milton Rogovin".

At age 89, Milton selected a number of his special images to write poems about, wanting to express in writing something more about his photographs. This 20-minute documentary allows you to hear Milton read some of these poems. "The poems themselves might be alright and my photographs, of course I love them—but together it brings it up to a higher level." The 20 min. DVD was produced by The Rogovin Collection.

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